July 2, 2014

Check out IDX’s cool summer kit specials.

Don’t sweat it. Check out IDX’s cool summer kit specials.

To help you get through this hot summer and prepare you for the hotter upcoming production season, IDX is introducing (4) cool cost saving Li-ion V-Mount battery & charger kits: D9522-P*, D15022-P*, D9544-P*, and D15044-P*. These dual and quad kits are designed to meet the needs of virtually all professional camera systems. Grab a quad kit for heavy shooting days or a dual kit for traveling light. Whatever your situation is, we have a kit for you. Special pricing available until the end of August. Contact your local dealer for summer savings!

For more information on the individual kit items, please click the links below:

DUO-95       DUO-150       VL-2PLUS       VL-4S