We Moved Down The Street! Our New Location Is 9100 Bond St.

About DVM

Digital Video Midwest was formed in 2005 by Bruce Swanson after 10 years with S&S Video Distributors.  Bruce has over 25 years of experience providing the latest professional and broadcast video, audio and presentation equipment.  DVM is dedicated to providing clients with equipment at a fair price and great customer service.  Our satisfied customers include: over 25 Fortune 500 Companies,  65 Corporations, 55 Universities and Colleges, 55 Houses of Worship, 35 K-12 Schools, TV Stations & Post Houses, 30 Local and Federal Governments, and many Freelancers.

Rental List

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Rent all your production needs - Cameras, Lighting, Audio, Monitors, Batteries, Tripods and More!

Rental List